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New Challenger

I want this car...

Testing. One, two, three

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Testing. One, two, three

I am trying out a new blogging app on my iPhone. I hope this works...


New Addition

so, i have made an addition to this here blog. i have added the Stereogum mp3 Player, which will fulfill any of your indie music needs whilst visiting my blog (provided that anyone still does visit this ill-kept blog). enjoy friends.

also, check out Fever Ray, the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Kinfe; purely awesome.


Brian McLaren on The Worship Industry

thanks to Ben M for letting me know about this video...


Ladies and Gentlemen, the Next President of the United States of America...


TV on the Radio

you know, this is quickly becoming a video blog.....

this is from their performance on the Letterman Show from Friday night, enjoy.



if you look close enough, you can see his horns....



if any of you wonder why i'm no longer a Republican, just watch this video clip from the Daily Show: